Google Buzz Does not Work in Android 1.6

Update: Conclusive evidence that Google Buzz does not work on devices running older versions of Android.

Just noticed something very disturbing on the supported devices page for Google Buzz.

The page seems to imply that devices running any version of Android less than 2.0 will not work with Google Buzz.

If this is the case I am going out and buying an iPhone tomorrow.

I can understand holding back updates to certain software or holding back certain apps as older devices (specifically the HTC Dream or G1) are unable to support all of them, but not even allow devices as new as the HTC Magic and HTC Hero to avail themselves of this incredible new social networking feature is tantamount to saying that Google does not care about its growing Android user base.

As of this time I cannot access from my phone (it just takes me to the default web page). I have not installed the maps version but I assumed that Buzz would work as a "web app" as well.

Highly disappointing from a company that has promised to "do no evil".

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