PC Gamers Wipe the Floor with Console Counterparts

An interesting discussion is taking place on Engadget between PC and console gamers. Who is better and which platform is superior?

HP exec Rahul Sood mentioned in his blog post that Microsoft pulled the plug on an innovative concept that allowed players on the Xbox 360 to compete with their PC counterparts. Apparently, the mouse-keyboard combination was far superior to the console, so much so that “l33t” gamers on the Xbox were being annihilated by mediocre PC gamers.

Posterous – Between a full blog and Twitter

Twitter posts are a great way to air a random thought or share a video. However, sometimes a musing is a little over the 140 character limit and you really don’t want to split your posts.

I’ve been having a lot of these “musings” lately, so I decided to jump on the band-wagon and start a micro-blog on Posterous.

Follow my thoughts and rants as “The Moron in a Hurry”!