Are Social Media Experts Relevant?

The 2010 BrandZ report outlines the usefulness and impact social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, can have on a marketing campaign.

Clients today don’t want their agency’s presentations to open predictably with a TV campaign. TV remains central to the mix, but clients also are looking for something that even the “Mad Men” of only a few years ago couldn’t contemplate—social media.
Integrated, multi-media campaigns must include impact on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and with smartphone apps or any other digital media that individuals use to connect.
Delivering on this expectation requires some wizardry, however, because of the revolutionary and dislocating impact that social media has had on the protocols and manners of traditional communication. Speed limits, access barriers and language inhibitions have been lifted. Passion and genuine expression are in; caution and circumlocution are out. The result is the purest anarchy or democracy or both.
See pages 22 to 29 of the report.