Tumblr - A Faster and More Organised Method of Sharing Content

TL;DR Version: Follow my new Tumblr blog at

Almost exactly a year ago today, I set-up my Posterous blog. At the time I felt as though my needs were not being served by Twitter or Facebook. The former limited my poetic voice and the latter was not an ideal medium for sharing interesting content with anecdotes. In any event I felt that I wanted a central source for all my content. Anyway, over time I just stopped using the service because it was too much of a hassle to maintain yet another social media platform.

Recently, I have started sharing a lot of content and most of the time I am unsure whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else. Additionally, if I share something on Facebook or Twitter it becomes harder to find later on. Hence, once again I wanted to have a centralised location for all my “shared” content.

To this end I started a new Tumblr blog at TechComet still remains the primary blog for all my long-form articles and opinions, however, I have actively started using Tumblr for sharing links, videos, quotes, images, and all sorts of other quick bites.

I have been sharing content on Tumblr for the past few months and one of my most recent posts was a live blog of the 2011 Wimbledon Men's Final, which Djokovic won confidentially.